Handbags 101: 10 Things Every Woman Should Keep In Her Purse!

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A handbag is so much more than just a fashionable accessory. To most of us, it’s a survival kit containing our most precious daily necessities. By keeping these essentials close by, we are guaranteed to be able to navigate our way through any unexpected emergency.

The greatest thing about handbags are their versatility! After all, that’s what makes them so useful in the first place! There are so many different styles and designs and it’s important to have a good variety for different occasions. A basic black, brown or white bag is considered a staple and is a must-have for your collection. These generally pair well with most outfits and tend to be used as an everyday bag. Crossbody bags are great for travelling and a clutch will definitely come in handy for nights spent out at a club or even a fancy party!

As a Kate Spade fanatic, I was thrilled when I received a “surprise 75% sale” email last October! I quickly browsed the site for something cute (and hopefully now affordable) to add to my collection. I ended up choosing the Emery Court Meena; a basic black quilted bag that I now use daily! It’s a lot bigger than it looks, which is perfect for me because I love to tote around half of my belongings! Ever pass your bag to someone to hold only to have them exclaim “What do you keep in here!? Bricks!?” Let’s just say I like to be prepared for anything and everything!

Fortunately, most women can make do with just carrying around the basics. So today I present to you a list of 10 things every woman should keep in her purse!! Take a look down below!

IMG_5757.JPG1. Phone
Okay, this one’s a no brainer but I just had to mention it! Phones are essential in this urban world and you should always keep yours with you and fully charged!

2. Wallet
A wallet is necessary for keeping your purse organized. My zippered wallets are perfect for keeping all cards, loose change, and spare cash together!

3. Portable Charger
If you’re anything like me, you probably spend way too much time on your phone! I LOVE social media, but these apps really drain my phone’s battery! Outlets aren’t always available when you’re out, so a portable charger definitely comes in handy.

4. Makeup Bag
Touch ups throughout the day are often required in order to keep your makeup looking fresh! Keeping your makeup in a separate bag will ensure your purse stays organized and will also prevent stains from potentially disastrous leaks!

5. Earphones
I’m sure all of our fellow music lovers appreciate this one. It’s great to be able to listen to your music wherever you go and this way, no one else will be disturbed!

6. Notebook & Pen
You never know when you’ll need a pen and some paper. It comes in handy more often than you’d think! I use mine to jot down sudden blog ideas, grocery lists and more!

7. Sunglasses
Keeping a pair of stylish shades with you proves to be useful when you’re driving or even if you’re just out for some fun in the sun!

8. Hand Sanitizer
When you’re out and about, it’s great to have some hand sanitizer with you so you can keep your hands clean and germ free!

9. Gum/Mints
Is there anything worse than bad breath? Keep some gum or fresh mints with you so that you can freshen your breath throughout the day!

10. Snack
I like to keep a small snack on hand in case of emergencies. Having a healthy snack with you at all times will prevent you from seeking out fast food in desperation!

And there you have it!

Which of these purse essentials do you keep with you at all times!? Let me know in the comments below! Snap a photo of your go to daily handbag and tag #chicmacherie to share it with me!

XO Angie

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